Caring For Your Eyewear 

1. There is NO such a thing as SCRATCH PROOF lenses. Therefore, in order to protect the eyewear investment, proper cleaning methods are in order, and not just to stop scratches, but also to prevent disease [bacteria buildup],and irritation around the eyes, nose and ears. Folks that seldom clean their eyewear, allow the buildup of dirt and filth to impair vision and make the overall wearing experience a poor one.

2. Simply wiping your eyewear with your shirt will not properly cleanse them. Instead the proper way to cleanse is to rinse the eyewear in tepid water, then take dishwashing liquid [Dawn, Joy etc.] and pour a small one inch strip in the crease of your index and middle fingers and work up into a lather. Massage this soapy solution onto the frame, lenses, nosepads etc. and then rinse a second time including the hands. Shake the frame once or twice and then gently blot/pat dry with a soft bath towel. Believe me, its worth doing once or so a day and works so much better than rubbing them on your shirt and the scratching problem will become a thing of the past.