Grey and G-15 Green Gray (Ray Ban color) is the best for all around use with no color shift. Brown aids contrast and definition with a little color shift. Great for golf, fishing, shooting and fall foliage.

Grey A – or light grey is the perfect color for those outdoor activities where it is usually cloudy or overcast, and a lighter lens is preferable.

Grey C – or dark grey is the best all around color for outdoor use. Since grey is neutral, it does not alter the colors seen by the eye. The Grey C is perfect for days of bright dazzling sunshine

Brown C – is preferable for those wishing to have more contrast or definition without substantially changing visible color.

Eagle 475 – is the ultimate high contrast high definition lens. It blocks out all the blue light up to 475 nanometers, and is the perfect lens for increasing visual acuity from cloudy or hazy days to bring sunshine.