Considerations In Choosing Which Pair Is Right For You

1. How many and what kind of glasses do you need to fit your lifestyle? Make sure to select proper size, shape, color, bridge width and temple length when selecting frames. A proper fit is almost more important than how the frames look.

2. Trust your optician. George is a professional and experienced optician. He will help make the right selection in accordance to factors such as RX strength, lense type, budget, face shape, hair style and many other key factors.

3.Do you play sports? Use polycarbonate and/or Trivex in safety and sports eyewear or when one eye has little or no vision.

4. Anti-Reflection treatments have three main benefits for eyewear users.

  • Light transmission through the lenses increases 9% to 18% depending on material.
  • Huge reduction in annoying and dangerous “ghost images”.
  • Safer nighttime driving and better appearance due to both a and b.

Also remember, not all anti-reflection coats are the same, especially when considering durability.

5. Great vision is essential to safer driving. The most important second pair is the POLARIZED SUNGLASS. ONLY polarized sun lenses are able to block blinding, reflective glare that comes from car hoods and windshields etc. With Transitions [lenses that darken in sunlight] you get good light control but they will not darken behind the wheel of a car. Get a pair of polarized sunglasses and if you want the best, we recommend Plano or RX MAUI JIM sunglasses.

6. For folks that sit in front of keyboards and computers all day long and are suffering from CVS [computer vision syndrome] we have lenses specially designed to let you see your keyboard from the bottom of the lenses, the computer from the center and 10-13 feet around the room from the top of the lenses. These are NOT for driving or distance but are left at the workstation.