Maui Jim Sunglasses

We feel that our Maui Jim Sunglasses are as good as you can find anywhere. The quality, styling and OPTICS are second to NO ONE. All Maui Jim Sunglasses are 100% polarized and block 99.99 UV A and B Rays. The colors perceived through Maui Jim are simply brilliant due to the rare earth minerals used in the lens. All Maui Jims are backside A/R coated and most have a double mirror on the front that reflect additional excess light from above and below at 45 degree angles.

This makes the Maui Jim Sunglass a GLARE KILLING MACHINE! The major colors are Neutral Gray for all purpose use, HCL Bronze, Maui Rose are high contrast colors and then Maui HT which is for folks that do not tolerate dark tint but still want excellent glare control. Great for folks going in and out of buildings like postal and delivery people. Ask us about Maui Jim HT (High Transmission) for possible night time use against headlight glare. Maui Jim Sunglasses are available in prescription form and we are authorized to do it. Single vision and Progressive DIGITAL and made in USA in a state of the art robotic laboratory.

Why Choose Maui Jim Sunglasses?

It was in 1980 that Maui Jim started selling sunglasses in Hawaii. The company is still located in Maui and tests their sunglasses in the Hawaiian sun. If you’re wondering why you would need sunglasses designed for the Pacific Ocean islanders, consider that Tulsa has about 227 sunny days each year. It’s UV Index, “a measure of an area’s exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays,” is 4.9. The national average of sunny days is 205 and the UV Index is 4.3. Hawaii has 281 sunny days on average, with a 9.9 UV Index.

If Maui Jim sunglasses can protect against the Hawaiian sun, they’ll surely protect your eyes against the Oklahoman glare. The company understands sun.

Benefits of Maui Jim Sunglasses

Sunglasses aren’t just about fashion and style, although they are great accessories that make you look cooler. The real benefits of sunglasses are performance.

Eye Health

Face it, the number one reason you should wear sunglasses is to protect your eyes against the sun’s UV rays. Sunburned eyes are quite painful, although temporary. Over time, you risk long-term damage to your eyes, such as macular degeneration or cataracts. Maui Jim PolarizedPlus2® lenses eliminated 100 percent of UV radiation. The sunglasses have also earned the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation.

Glare Elimination

Squinting to see anything on a bright summer’s day can cause wrinkles around your eyes. It can be hazardous if you’re driving and having to squint. If you’re trying to look through a glare, your eyes get fatigued. Glares obscure vital details and wash out colors. Maui Jim PolarizedPlus2® lenses eliminate 99.9 percent glare, not only the horizontal glare, but the glare coming in from the top and bottom of the lens.

Color Enhancement

Many sunglasses block out the sun’s rays by darkening or dimming color. Maui Jim’s PolarizedPlus2® lenses use a patented proprietary formula to enhance the colors that you normally see, giving you a high level of contrast and depth perception that you might miss out on wearing lower quality lenses.


Maui Jim sunglasses are durable and scratch-resistant. The treatment is applied to the front and back of the lenses to give you a longer-lasting lens. You can wear your sunglasses year-round, whether it’s cloudy and gray or bright and sunny. You’ll want to wear them when you’re parasailing on Grand Lake because the lenses have a waterproof component that helps them shed water. The lenses are also treated with an oleophobic component that repels grease and sweat and makes it easier to wipe away smudges or fingerprints.

Get Sunglasses For Your Lifestyle

Maui Jim warranties their sunglasses for two years. Keep in mind that it doesn’t cover wear and tear or abuse, but against defects. Precision Optical in Tulsa is an authorized retailer for Maui Jim sunglasses. With over 125 frames to choose from, you’ll be able to find the frame that suits your lifestyle. Protect your eyes against the sun by wearing your sunglasses any time you’re out and about. Come see us to get your next pair of shades.

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