Nu Polar & Coppertone

NuPolar | Polarized Lenses

These brands of lenses are polarized and come in different colors and bi focal types. For folks wanting the absolute maximum protection from UV A/B and Blue light (Blue has been known to cause macular degeneration and has a wavelength which is beyond invisible 400 NM. Blue is from 430 to as high as 580 NM and is known as HEV or (High Energy Visible) Eagle 475 Amber blocks to 475 NM and Coppertone Brown blocks to 550. Call us today to learn more about Nu Polar & Coppertone types, colors, and brands.

Polarized Lenses | Driving

There is no other circumstance where glare is more damaging than while driving a car. Besides the traditional sources of glare, drivers must endure glare formed by the dashboard on the windshield. Multiple research data shows that glare can greatly reduce driver’s visual acuity. Polarized lenses solve this problem.

Eagle 475 | Polarized Lenses

Melibrad is the exclusive distributor of the Eagle 475 line of polarized lenses. These remarkable lenses have gained a reputation as the best high definition, high contrast polarized lenses available. Melibrad’s Eagle 475 polarized lens is the same ocular photoprotection developed for NASA by scientists working at the Jet Propulsion Laboratories in California The Eagle 475 lens absorbs 100% of all photo wavelengths considered hazardous to ocular tissue, including UVA, UVB, and blue light to 475nm..

Polarized Lenses?

By blocking blinding glare polarized lenses greatly enhance visual acuity, color contrast and comfort. No other lens or treatment can perform this function. There is simply no substitute for quality polarized lenses.

There is no substitute for polazired lenses: NuPolar

Polarized Lenses

From the moment of reflection, light becomes polarized and forms visual noise – blinding glare that interferes with the real image. The only way to eliminate this glare is to place a polarized lens in its path.

Perceived Substitutes

Photochromic lenses, like transitions lenses, are an excellent choice for a primary pair of prescription eyeglasses. Photochromic lenses do not always provide the sun protection desired by consumers. Behind the windshield of the car they may not darken adequately, and will not block blinding glare, but only reduce the intesity of light.

AR Coating

AR Coating is a great feature for opthalmic lenses, removing annoying reflections and ghost images. AR coating will actually increase light transmittance and reduce the reflections from the back surface of polarized sunwear. Blinding glare will not be effectiely removed by A/R coatings alone.

Tinted Lenses

Tinted lenses only reduce light transmittance. They do not block blinding glares.


Clip ons increase the weight of eyewear and may cause scratches on the lens surface. They also may decrease optical quality and create additional surface reflections.


Sunwear that fits over existing eyewear can be extremely heavy and uncomfortable. They limit peripheral vision, may distort optics, and their users look unstylish.

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