Eyewear Technology

Eyeglass and sunglass technology for Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and beyond

magnetic clips for eyeglasses tulsa

Magnetic Eyeglasses

Magnetic Clips for your Eyeglasses This technological advance brings magnetic clips to enhance your eyeglass experience.  Turboflex Technology For Magnetic Clips Aspex Glasses Memory Metal

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transition eyeglass lenses tulsa

Transitions Eyeglass Lenses

Let’s face it; the sun is bright here in Tulsa.  Transition lenses are the perfect lenses for your everyday life.  These lenses make environmental lighting changes easy by adapting to

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digital lens surfacing tulsa

Digital Lense Surfacing

Digital lens surfacing is probably the most significant advancement in lens technology and manufacturing technique in years. Instead of using grinding wheels and lapping tools

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anti reflection coating for glasses tulsa

Anti Reflection Coat

This is the most important option you can add to any lenses (regular or sunglasses). A/R coat cancels the surface reflections and ghost images that

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eyeglass colors tulsa oklahoma

Eyeglass Lens Colors

Colors For Eyeglass Lenses Grey and G-15 Green Gray (Ray-Ban colors) are the best for all-around use with no color shift. Brown aids contrast and

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Eyewear Videos

Learn from Tulsa's Eyewear Expert

You should be able to have your glasses fit your unique style and have just the right pair of frames for your face.

That’s where we come in.

We have our resident Tulsa Optician George Dakil – who cares very deeply about helping Tulsa & Broken Arrow Residents to see the BEST they have ever seen!

Watch some of our videos to learn more about eyewear.

We Make Glasses Fit the Right Way

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