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Selecting your optical lens material can be confusing. There are so many options to choose from. The following is a list of common lens materials.

Lens Materials

  • 1.50 Index CR-39 Plastic Great optics, Good scratch resistance, cost-efficient, and excellent for low power prescriptions.
  • 1.53 Index Trivex Impact resistant, will not crack, great for full rimless frames
  • 1.59 Index Polycarbonate Impact resistant, best for lightweight, thin and cost-efficient
  • 1.60 Hi-Index Polyurethane Thin for strong prescriptions, and suitable for full rimless
  • 1.67 Hi-Index Polyurethane Best all around for Strong prescriptions
  • 1.74 Hi-Index Polyurethane Highest index and potentially the thinnest material available, powerful prescriptions



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