Line Art Charmant

A Line Art frame is jewellery for the eyes that embodies beauty in comfort.
precision optical tulsa line art charmant frames

A Line Art frame is jewellery for the eyes that embodies beauty in comfort.

Beauty In Comfort

With Line Art CHARMANT, the CHARMANT Group has achieved an elusive dream in the world of premium eyewear: the creation of a woman’s frame whose delicate lightness offers a never before experienced wearing comfort.

A dulcet orchestra of technology and art, design and inspiration, Line Art CHARMANT is a superior eyewear brand for devotees of beauty and excellence. Inspired by the spirit of music, each precious frame expresses a melodious blend of serenity and joie de vivre.

Striking Aesthetics

Beneath Line Art CHARMANT’s graceful touch and striking aesthetics lies a sophisticated technical approach that makes these frames as tenacious as they are captivating: the processing of Excellence Titan™.

This material was specially developed by CHARMANT Group as a material that embodies the highest wearing comfort. The Line Art CHARMANT collection is the successful result: eyewear with extremely light weight and unmatched flexibility. Adaptive nose pads and slightly contoured end tips enhance the extraordinary wearing feeling of the airy profiles.

Why Choose Line Art Charmant?

The creation of Line Art CHARMANT was a major undertaking, from the formation of the new material to the development of laser micro-welding to the sourcing of processing machinery capable of mass-producing and delivering products to the market. 

Bringing Line Art CHARMANT onto the market took 15 long years of effort from the conception of the material. More than 8 of those years were spent in earnest development of the collection. This journey was supported and guided by the creator of Line Art CHARMANT, who saw it through its entire evolution from planning through to development, manufacture and sale. These great efforts were also achieved thanks to the passion of the line workers who all shared the same desire to deliver, above all else, the best wearing comfort available.

Even today, 10 years after launching Line Art CHARMANT, employees continue to advance initiatives aimed at reaching even greater wearing comfort. One team, for example, is devoted to activities that include implementing proprietary inspections to ensure a greater emphasis on quality. A second team dedicates itself to producing nose pads that offer greater comfort. Yet another team strives to find the best colour possibilities by researching colour and trend forecasts and working on new concepts. Numerous additional projects find new life daily.

World Wide Research

Beyond these efforts, we have also invested in a worldwide research project that compiles data on head size and shape. The focus here is on enhancing individual fit and stability, catering to the diversity of wearers all over the world. No matter where in the world our wearers are, huge efforts are being made to realise the best in wearing comfort for the Line Art CHARMANT collection.

Generating Superior Satisfaction 

On the manufacturing lines themselves, we consistently implement new ideas and ways to improve where possible, taking fresh directions to advance daily processes. Everyone working on the lines is devoted to generating great comfort that brings superior satisfaction. To further enhance wearer happiness, Line Art CHARMANT will remain committed to forwarding progress.



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