DRIVEWEAR Lenses By Younger Optical And Transitions Corp

DRIVEWEAR | Precision Optical Ok | Younger Optical | Transitions Corp | These Are The Ultimate And Most Flexible Prescription Sunglass Lenses Made.
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These are the ultimate and most flexible prescription sunglass lenses made. These are great for folks that spend a great deal of time outdoors, fishing, hunting, golfing, water sports .

But the most important is D-R-I-V-I-N-G because your safety, your passengers and the safety of everyone on the road depends on being able to SEE PAST the glare coming into your windshield.

drivewear lenses three colors buy tulsa oklahoma

DRIVEWEAR starts out lightly tinted yellow/green for indoors, dusk and dawn. ‘

Then they go to a copper behind the wheel of the car.

Finally on a bright day they turn a HIGH CONTRAST BROWN. 

They are 100% POLARIZED and block 100% of UV A and B.

Ask us about possible night driving benefits!



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