Nu Polar & Coppertone Eyeglass Lenses

Nu Polar & Coppertone | Precision Optical OK | Maximum UV Protection | These brands of lenses are polarized and come in different colors and bi focal types.
nupolar and coppertone sunglasses tulsa

Colors For Eyeglass Lenses

Grey and G-15 Green Gray (Ray-Ban colors) are the best for all-around use with no color shift. Brown aids contrast and definition with a little color shift. Great for golf, fishing, shooting, and fall foliage.

Colored lenses make the perfect precision golf eyewear (or any other sport for that matter.)

Grey A – or light grey is the perfect color for those outdoor activities where it is usually cloudy or overcast, and a lighter lens is preferable.

Grey C – or dark grey is the best all-around color for outdoor use. Since grey is neutral, it does not alter the colors seen by the eye. The Grey C is perfect for days of bright dazzling sunshine

Brown C – is preferable for those wishing to have more contrast or definition without substantially changing visible color.

Eagle 475 – is the ultimate high contrast high definition lens. It blocks out all the blue light up to 475 nanometers and is the perfect lens for increasing visual acuity from cloudy or hazy days to bring sunshine.

Let us help you choose the perfect lens color for your particular outdoor activities or lifestyle. Our opticians have completed specialized courses in light transmission, polarized lenses, and sports performance lenses. At Precision Optical OK, we understand Tulsa sunlight and its effects on the outdoor activities that are an essential part of the Oklahoma lifestyle.

Need Nu-Polar or Coppertone Eyeglass Lenses In Tulsa?

If you’ve got questions about any lenses or want to try them out, visit us. We’ll be happy to help you find the right pair of eyeglasses in Tulsa that fit your look and personality in the best possible way.

Whether you need regular eyeglasses, just the right pair of readers, or even prescription sunglasses,

Precision Optical OK can help. We’ve been helping families, and our fellow Oklahomans find the right eyeglasses here in the Tulsa area for many years.

We’d love to help you too.  




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