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precision optical eyewear videos

Precision Optical Eyewear Videos

You will get the best fit, style, and, most importantly, the best vision. With 14 years of experience, we guarantee you will be satisfied.

As shown on Channel 8, George Dakil shows you fantastic opportunities to wear glasses.

He lets us know that thick, bulky glasses are a thing of the past. With an in-depth walkthrough of buying and trying glasses, we realize that the new technologies have changed the game.

These new improvements make people love glasses again.

Polarized Lenses

George Dakil tells you about polarized lenses and how they can help you.

Protection From Eyewear

Injuries can happen, and we want to keep your children safe, along with their eyewear.

Wearing street frames while playing sports is very risky. We can place a transition lens in sporting and protective glasses.

It is cost-effective to protect your eyes from UV rays for the future. We custom weld broken frames for the clumsy ones.

Sporting & Safety Glasses

We recommend the best eyewear for whatever physical activity you do.

Annoying Glares

Dr. George Dakil talks on Channel 8 about the everyday glares and how to prevent them.

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