Transitions Xtra-Active-Polarized Lenses

Transitions | Precision Optical Ok | Latest Technologies | This version is latest and greatest in Transitions technology.
transitions vantage eyeglass lens tulsa

Transitions Xtra-Active-Polarized is the latest and greatest in Transitions technology.

The optical world has waited a long time for this one. Xtra-Active-Polarized is similar to Vantage in that it is clear indoors, but it not only darkens outdoors BUT POLARIZES TO ABOUT 50% OF A STANDARD POLARIZED SUNGLASS LENSE.

Who are Transitions Xtra-Active-Polarized lenses for?

This is the lens for folks that are rather stubborn and will not get the prescription sunglasses that they should, or for people that want the very best performance in their primary pair of glasses.

Like all Transitions versions, U V radiation from the sun is necessary for activation.

Therefore, realize that the windshield of the car blocks a great deal of it that is needed to turn the lenses dark and why a pair of regular polarized sunglasses are necessary.



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