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Located in the city of Broken Arrow, Precision Optical OK is your premier destination for designer eyewear.

Precision Optical OK is the Broken Arrow Glasses, Sunglasses, & Repairs Expert

Thick bulky glasses are a thing of the past. Why are we so good at what we do? We walk you through the process. We analyze the prescription. We analyze your personal, physical features. Glasses must fit the client, match the prescription, and aesthetically appealing. Style is important too. But…Accuracy is the key to everything! We make sure our customers can see near, intermediate, and distant fields clearly.

Why Do Our Customers Love Us?

Because our glasses fit. From titanium frames, light, thin, modern eyewear to functional simple styles; we find out what the client needs & desires are and then we build the product.


Computer technology has enhanced the visual field in modern eye wear & sunglasses. Progressive lenses use to have issues. Due to computer digital lens processing, they are vastly improved. Ten years + has changed everything in our industry, in regard to progressive & single vision lenses.

Looking for sunglasses? Polarize sunglasses stop the blinding glare. And there is so much more to it, including your personal safety while driving. Over 8,000 traffic accidents a year are attributed to sun glare. UV (ultraviolet) & HEV (high-energy visible) rays are destructive to our eyes, causing a myriad of maladies such as macular degeneration, cancers in the eyelids, cataracts and more. 


For folks having problems with corrosion do to high acid levels in perspiration. Or those wanting lighter eyeglass frames, that give the effect of almost nothing at all. Titanium frames are your cup of tea. The Marchon Airlock Beta Titanium frames are the lightest frames in our shop. They are for folks that want that minimalist look and the near-to-nothing feel on their face. These Airlock frames are a perfect alternative for folks that have been using drugstore reading glasses. Come see us.

Precision Optical OK featured in Value News. Celebrating our 20th Anniversary.

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