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Glasses Frame Repair Tulsa

Damage to the frames of your glasses can be tricky to avoid. Even just everyday wear can eventually lead to scratched or bent frames.

We all want our glasses to look stylish and compliment our outfits, but when they become damaged, it can cause them to lose some of their aesthetic appeal.

In some cases, bent frames or missing pieces can make your eyeglasses crooked or cause them to no longer fit your face. Fortunately, if the frames of your glasses are damaged, they can be repaired by our experienced technicians.

Damaged Glasses Tulsa

It’s easy to end up with damaged glasses. We drop them, sit on them, and stretch them out, sometimes leading to our glasses becoming uncomfortable. While carrying your glasses in a case can help mitigate some wear and tear; eventually, they will become damaged.

Here are a few of the ways we damage our glasses frames:

Bent Glasses Frames

Of all the ways we damage our frames, this one is the hardest to avoid, especially since we can naturally stretch them out over time just by wearing them. When your frames are bent, they sit crooked or sometimes fall off of your face.

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This becomes a vicious cycle since your glasses falling will only lead to more damage.

What’s worse is if you try repairing them yourself, it is easy to accidentally bend the frame too much, either disfiguring it more or even breaking it entirely.

Most eyewear stores, however, have tools dedicated to returning glasses to their original shape.

Scratched Glasses Frames

Scratches and scuff marks are bound to happen throughout everyday life, but it’s the last thing you want for your expensive glasses frames. Since scratches are only minor damage, then it should be easy to fix on your own, right?

Unfortunately, sometimes trying to repair scratches with home remedies can make the problem worse. Fortunately, you can visit a Tulsa eyewear professional near you to have your scratched frames repaired.

Missing Pieces

With so many tiny, fragile pieces on glasses frames, it makes sense that they could quickly become lost. Sometimes a nose pad falls off or breaks, or one of the screws in the hinge falls out and is lost.

These seemingly minor problems can render glasses unwearable. If they can’t sit on your nose correctly or comfortably, or one of the temples (or arms) falls off, the glasses are useless. If you want to keep your frames, you can take them to a glasses repair service, and they will have the parts to repair them.

The Best Eyeglasses Repair Tulsa

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Our highly skilled eyeglasses technicians have the tools and training to repair your damaged frames, for both prescription glasses and sunglasses.

They can reshape bent frames, replace missing pieces, and polish up scratches to make your glasses as good as the day you purchased them.

If the glasses cannot be repaired, we have a large variety of brands to choose from for replacement.

If your frames require repair, visit a trusted Tulsa eyewear professional to learn about your options.



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