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Seiko Tulsa Dealer

Sleek, modern, and durable are some of the words which come to mind with Seiko frames.

While Seiko might be known for manufacturing many fashion accessories, from jewelry to watches, their frames are among one of their best products.

Seiko’s history spans over a century, and throughout that time, they have proved they only create the best products with all the care they deserve.

For those who want a simple, elegant look with their glasses frames, Seiko is the best choice.

Seiko History

Back in the year 1881, a shop called “K, Hattori” opened in Tokyo. Named after its owner Kintarō Hattori, the shop sold jewelry, watches, and (eleven years later) clocks. In 1892, Hattori changed the name of his store to Seikōsha.

After becoming incorporated as Hattori Seiko Co, Ltd. in 1917, the Seiko began to make watches, which first appeared in 1924.

One of their most significant claims to fame was in 1969, however, when they created the first quartz watch, and it was called the Astron. Notably, the Astron costs about the same amount as a car.

They introduced the world to many more items during the 1980s and onward, such as the quartz chronograph, and the Kinetic watch.

Eventually, Hattori Seiko Co, Ltd. Became a holding company. By 2007, the company was renamed Seiko Holdings Corporation, or, as it is commonly referred to, Seiko. Tulsa IT Pros>>

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For a long time, Seiko produced its wristwatches in-house.

Every piece of the watch (from the motors to the hands, to the LCDs, to the lubricants) was produced entirely by Seiko. To achieve this,

Seiko used two different subsidiaries: Diani Seikosha Co. and Suwa Seikosha.

This allowed for competition, which, in turn, lead to innovation and minimizing the chances of problems during production.

While not everything is produced in-house at Seiko anymore, they still use in-house production for luxury watches, but these luxury watches are only available in Japan.

Today, Seiko is famous for the production of wristwatches, but they produce many other items, too. From jewelry to electronics, to glasses frames, Seiko prides itself on creating high-quality products, and Seiko has the history to back it up.

Furthermore, Seiko plays a significant role in sports as the official timekeepers for several major sporting events, such as the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup.

Seiko Glasses

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Seiko’s goal for their glasses line is to create the best eyewear for all people using state-of-the-art design and technology.

They produce both men and women’s glasses, and they have many styles for each one.

When you use Seiko frames, you’ll notice how they achieve a balance between functionality and fashion.

The designs are simple but elegant and promise only the highest comfort for the wearer.

Additionally, their metal frames are made from titanium, a hypoallergenic metal for those who suffer from metal allergies.

If you need new glasses frames, and Seiko sounds like the product you want, stop by a Tulsa optical store to find the right Seiko frames for you.



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