For over fifty years, Marchon Eyewear has developed several in-house brands of glasses frames, and among their most famous is the Airlock brand. Airlock frames are frames for anyone looking for a simple, modern design. They are well-constructed and sleek in appearance, making them the perfect complement for any of your fashion choices. As one of Marchon’s house brands, they are manufactured artfully, and with all the care they need. Their rimless design is nothing if not iconic, and is held together through pressure instead of screws. If you’re looking for an elegant frame for your prescription glasses or your sunglasses, then Airlock is the best choice for you. Visit a Tulsa eyewear store to see what your options are.

Marchon History

The company which gave the world Airlock frames finds its origins back in 1955. There was a group of optometrists which, while small in number, wanted to give the world high-quality, reasonably priced eye care. Therefore, they created a non-profit company dedicated to completing their goal. Over time, they became known as VSP Global, which became Marchon Eyewear’s parent company. VSP Global’s companies (Marchon included) provide custom lenses, eye care insurance, and fashionable frames all with the goal of bettering people’s vision all over the world. Auto Body Specialists>>

With over 100 countries selling Marchon frames, Marchon is among the largest eyewear companies around the globe. Whether designing, manufacturing, or distributing, Marchon Eyewear’s goal is to create good quality, high fashion eyewear using state-of-the-art technology. For both sunglasses and prescription glasses, Marchon sells an average of 19 million frames per year.

Marchon Eyewear House Brands

While other companies distribute Marchon’s frames, such as Calvin Klein and Nautical, Marchon manufactures a number of their own brands, such as:

  • Marchon NYC
  • Skaga
  • Flexon
  • Tres Jolie
  • Airlock

Airlock Frames

Since the Airlock Collection began in 2001, Airlock frames have provided the world with a large variety of glasses to choose from for men and women. With numerous colors, designs, and materials, Airlock frames can be paired with any outfit and every face. The Airlock Collection’s frames are minimalistic in style, and boat a sleek, modern design. These frames are rimless, but sophisticated. Marchon created these frames with superlight materials so the wearer is afforded comfort without sacrificing their sturdiness.

Airlock’s frames stand out among sport rimless frames. You won’t find any screws on Airlock frames, as they instead use pressure alone to keep the frames in their correct position. These frames are renowned for how securely they fit, and their surprising longevity and durability. For long-term glasses, Airlock frames are an excellent choice. If you want muted colors or bold colors, edgy designs or tendy designs, the Airlock Collection will have something for you. With Marchon Eyewear’s penchant for quality and functionality to back them up, Airlock frames are the perfect match for your lenses. Auto Repair Tulsa>>

If you need new glasses frames, and you want to purchase something from the Airlock Collection, stop by a Tulsa optical professional. We can help find the right Airlock frames for you.



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