Eye Safety

Helping you protect your eyes is important to us. 

At Precision Optical OK we want to teach you how to do just that.  Read our posts on eye safety.

can I wear glasses all the time in tulsa

Can I Wear Glasses All The Time?

Answer: If you are comfortable in wearing your new glasses, there is no reason why you can’t just wear your glasses as much as you’d like to. We’ll go over some additional information to consider with the question Can I Wear Glasses All The Time?

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taking care of your eyeglasses in tulsa 1

Taking Care of Your Eyewear

In this article we’ll cover Taking Care of Your Eyewear. We’ll go over everything that you need to know for Taking Care of Your Eyewear. We’ll cover do’s and dont’s as well as best daily practices.

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nearsighted vision tulsa 1


Nearsightedness | What Causes Nearsightedness?, Nearsighted at Night?, False Myopia, High Myopia, How to Diagnose Nearsightedness, Myopia Treatments

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safety and sports eyewear tulsa

Safety & Sports Eyewear

Precision Optical Ok has a wide-ranging selection of Safety and Sports eyewear including: Wiley X, Liberty Sport, Hudson Safety | Sunglasses & Eyewear in Broken Arrow.

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