Taking Care of Your Eyewear

In this article we'll cover Taking Care of Your Eyewear. We'll go over everything that you need to know for Taking Care of Your Eyewear. We'll cover do's and dont's as well as best daily practices.
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Prescription eyewear can be expensive. It’s essential to take care of your eyewear, protect your investment, and protect your eye health. Dirt, grime, and bacteria can build up on the frames and lenses, causing irritation or disease around the eyes, nose, and ears.

Although it’s very easy to wipe your glasses off with your shirt, that’s not the best way to clean the lenses. Here are some tips to help you take care of your eyeglasses to make them last:

Eyewear Care Do’s

When you put your eyeglasses on and take them off, use both hands. Keep the glasses on your nose, never wear them on your head. This can make the frames become misaligned, causing them to be improperly positioned on your face.

  • When cleaning your lenses, always use a lens cleaner made for glasses. Don’t use Windex, as the ammonia can strip the coating on the lens.
  • Use a 100 percent cotton cloth to wipe your glasses.
  • You can also use dish soap and water. Rinse the glasses with lukewarm water. Work up a lather of soap and water in your hand, then massage it into your frames, lenses, and nose pads. Rinse off the suds. Gently blot your glasses dry with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth. If you have time, let your glasses air dry to keep materials off your lenses.
  • In between cleanings, if you need to wipe off the lens, rinse with water first. Small particles of dust or grit can act like sandpaper on your glasses.
  • Keep your glasses in a hard-shell case when not in use, especially in your purse, pocket, or backpack.
  • Hold the frame firmly when cleaning. The best place to grip it is at the piece that crosses the nose. Holding it at that spot keeps you from inadvertently bending the frame.

Eyewear Don’ts

  • Don’t wipe lenses with paper towels, Kleenex, or napkins. These items have a rough surface that could scratch the lenses.
  • Don’t spit on the lenses. Your saliva can contain oil or another damaging substance.
  • Don’t exhale on glasses for moisture before cleaning. The American Optometric Association does not recommend this, as it does not create enough liquid to prevent scratches.
  • Don’t leave your eyewear on the sink or the vanity. Spatter from cosmetics can make glasses dirty. Hair spray and perfumes can damage protective coatings. If the glasses were to fall on the floor, they could be damaged.
  • Don’t leave your glasses on your car’s dashboard, especially in the summer.
  • Don’t lay your eyeglasses with the lens down.
  • Don’t play contact sports without a pair of sports eyewear glasses to protect your glasses and your eyes.

See Your Optometrist

If your glasses seem off, they probably are. Go back to your optometrist for a fitting.

If you’ve bumped the frames or lost a screw, a simple adjustment can often mean better eyesight. If you break your frames, you may need to replace your glasses for the best fit.

We’re here to help you take care of your eyewear. Talk to us about options that are durable and can withstand the stress of your daily activities.



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