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Since 1937, Ray-Ban has been one of the top providers of sunglasses and prescription glasses, and proved to be a fashion statement everyone is after. From World War II generals to classic Hollywood movie stars, Ray-Ban has left a mark on history with its high-quality lenses and styles. Whether you need prescription glasses or sunglasses, Ray-Ban has numerous options available, and at Precision Optical, you can find a pair of Ray-Ban glasses that fit your needs, Tulsa. Tulsa Sunglass Dealer>>

Ray-Ban Philosophy

Ray-Ban has always prided itself on innovation since its conception back in the early 20th century. Even as fashion sensibilities change, Ray-Ban has remained steady in keeping with their roots and classic look, from Aviator glasses (their best-known invention) to Wayfarer glasses. While they stick to their roots, they still innovate to keep up with people’s needs, and keep their classic glasses looking up to date. Even still, they make sure they do not lose the look that made them iconic in the first place. Ray-Ban also does its best to use only the most cutting-edge, first-rate lenses for both prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses to deliver the sharpest possible image. Rayban Tulsa>>

Ray-Ban History

There is a rich history behind these iconic glasses. Ray-Ban finds its origins back in 1929, when a U.S. Army aviator named John A. Macready wanted to create sunglasses to fix a problem that aviators faced. Namely, Macready wanted to eliminate the distraction caused by glare and fogged up goggles. In 1936, Macready introduced a prototype that were called “Anti-Glare.” This name later evolved into the iconic name “Ray-Ban,” and from there, Ray-Ban created some of the most well-known glasses of the 20th century: the Ray-Ban Aviator. Tulsa Ray-Ban>>

These glasses became wildly popular as the years went on, and were utilized by aviators during World War II. Their popularity quickly grew past their intended audience of pilots, however. General Douglas MacArthur was famous for wearing the Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses, and the romanticizing and adoration of pilots among civilians lead people to start emulating their look by purchasing their own Aviator sunglasses. After the war, there was an even greater boom in popularity, as people had been forced to adopt more conservative fashions, and with the end of the war, high-fashion was back. Aviator sunglasses became an iconic part of that style, and have remained one of the most iconic sunglasses designs. Tulsa Sunglass Dealer>>

Ray-Ban Products

Ray-Ban boasts a sizable collection of both sunglasses and prescription eyewear, all stylized in the classic looks they have created since the company’s beginning. While their Aviator and Wayfarer sunglasses are the best-known, Ray-Ban has more designs than just those two. Here at Precision Optical, you can find frames for prescription glasses and sunglasses. Broken Arrow Sunglasses>>


Ray-Ban sunglasses are designed to absorb 85% of light, which not only protects your eyes from glare, but also creates more contrast for a clearer picture of your surroundings. Sunglasses in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma>>

Prescription Glasses

If you need prescription lenses, Ray-Ban can put prescription lenses in their classic frames. Even better, Ray-Ban also has the option of sun prescription lenses, using digital surface technology to both protect your eyes without having to sacrifice clear vision. Prescription Glasses Tulsa>>

Tulsa Sunglasses

Ray-Ban makes a perfect accessory for the people of Tulsa. Oklahoma’s summers are hot and sunny, and during that time, you need to protect your eyes. With Ray-Ban, your eyes will be safe, protected from glare, and with sun prescription lenses, you will still be able to see clearly. Couple that with how fantastic Ray-Ban’s styles are, and they make for a perfect pair of Tulsa sunglasses.

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