Wedding Eyewear | Glasses for your wedding

Who says you need to opt for contacts on your wedding day? We believe a perfect pair of eyeglasses exists for every occasion, especially your big day. With such a wide range of frame styles, there’s definitely a pair to suit your favorite dress cut and make your wedding ensemble even more uniquely stylish! Check out some of our amazing instyle women’s eyewear options.

From traditional to modern dresses, eyewear has so many options that fit dark, light, minimalist and extravagant. Contact us to know how we can make an amazing pair of recreational, sunglasses, or prescrpition glasses for your big day.

Most people think about wedding glasses in regard to the crystal that holds that champagne. We want you to think about your eyes and your facial embelishments likewise. We have eyewear and sunglasses that can be incorporated into your wedding design and apparal. 2017 is off to an amazing start and trends are once again on the move. We see a shift from the bridal party wearing the same, uniform attire to freedom.. Brides are giving their wedding party freedom in their dress selection, with bridesmaids now choosing dresses in a variety of colors, lengths and styles. Since this personal touch is becoming more and more common, we believe it is extending all the way to your eyewear.


Wedding Styles

Rediscover yourself with lenses that fit and look good. 

Let your style show through even in your eyewear