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taking care of your eyeglasses in tulsa

Taking Care of Your Eyewear

Prescription eyewear can be expensive. It’s essential to take care of your eyewear, protect your investment, and protect your eye health. Dirt, grime, and bacteria

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2018 eyewear trends in tulsa

2018 Eyewear Trends

Prescription eyewear can be a trendy fashion accessory. While you might want one conservative pair for work, you can certainly have another pair of eyeglasses

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nearsighted vision tulsa


Nearsightedness topics we cover in this post: What Causes Nearsightedness? How to Diagnose Nearsightedness Myopia Treatments Thirty percent of people in the United States feel

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marchon airlock brand eyeglasses tulsa


AIRLOCK TULSA  For over fifty years, Marchon Eyewear has developed several in-house brands of glasses frames, and among their most famous is the Airlock brand.

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