2018 Eyewear Trends

paper glasses
Prescription eyewear can be a trendy fashion accessory. While you might want one conservative pair for work, you can certainly have another pair of eyeglasses for weekend fun. Think about what you want before you come in to choose your frames. It will save you time and frustration. Look for these trends in 2018.

Colorful, Transparent Frames

Thin, acetate frames are taking center stage in 2018 in colors like translucent pink, taupe, brown and citrine. Go for a plastic look in a color you love, but think sleek and classic, not chunky. You’ll find a huge selection in our Tulsa store that you can try on to see how they look before you make your final decision.

thin glasses

Thin, Metal Frames

Cleaner designs with intricate detailing are popular in 2018. Frames made of metal in different textures and patterns are more available. You will also be able to find different finishes, such as matte or shiny. More colors, such as soft and rose gold or deep, rich metal tones are coming into popularity.

Retro and Vintage

Vintage and retro styles are also making a comeback on the eyewear scene, but not in that harsh black frame that we all remember. Look for embellishments on the temples and bridges of the eyewear. The double bridge is another retro feature that is popular today. Cat-eye and men’s aviator styles are on trend, but a bit more under-stated and more tailored than you might remember.

Natural Wood Frames

Women’s eyewear frames that resemble the look of wood or are actually made of wood are quite complementary for most people. They’re also eco-friendly when made from sustainable materials. The earthy tones won’t distract from your clothes and the frames are delicate and glamourous.

Blue Light Blockers

When you stare at a screen all day, it can wreak havoc on your vision and your sleep. Blue light blocking lenses are quite popular to reduce eye strain by blocking the blue light that is harmful. These lenses do need to be customized to the individual. Look for blue light anti-reflective filters. Ask your optician about this option.


Choose Your Frames Based on Fit, Personality and Style

Whatever guidelines you’ve heard about choosing your eyewear, remember that rules were made to be broken. Don’t feel like you can’t choose a particular pair of frames because it goes against the “rules.” Think about your lifestyle and where you’ll be wearing your glasses. You may want a special pair for gaming or outdoor activities. Consider fit, function and style.
Most people notice your eyes first. Treat your eyewear as a style accessory that’s essential to your look. Remember that fit should be foremost on your mind. Frames that fit your face are important to getting the best vision with your eyewear. Know what you’re looking for, but keep in mind that you may have to work within certain limits.
At Precision Optical, we want you to see well and look good in your eyewear. Let us help you choose the pair that fits your personality and style to feel good about wearing your glasses.